A very popular, yet often misunderstood tool that organizations have to problem solve, create, and increase productivity is a team of coworkers. Whether or not these teams are successful is often a function of the style and ability of the leader and the makeup of the team.

I have been a member of numerous teams and have observed many others over the years and have noticed several successful practices that transform groups of individuals into high functioning teams. If led properly, engaged team members learn how to collaborate to overcome their differences and generate energy, synergy, and momentum while retaining their unique individuality. What’s the secret ?

The answer is leadership’s ability to build a culture of authenticity, responsibility, and creative collaboration in which team members are respected, valued, and accountable to the entire team. A key ingredient in this recipe for success is humility – freedom from pride or arrogance. This requires giving credit, recognition, opportunity and empowerment to others. This may be especially difficult for some leaders whose style is highly directive. While the team leader must clearly lead, it can be done in a way that encourages and inspires through valuation and equipping rather than rigid control, dismissiveness, or intimidation. The win of valued inspiration coupled with accountability is increased motivation, self-efficacy, creativity and team loyalty.

To keep motivation high between team meetings: clear, consistent, inclusive, communication to all team members is essential. Patrick Lencioni in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team calls this “over communication”. Communicating the substance of team messages repeatedly serves to strengthen not only the vision, values, and required activity but also a sense of importance and loyalty among all team members.

High functioning teams work best in an open and transparent culture that fosters, encourages, applauds, and gives opportunity for creativity and initiative. This requires a language and agenda of inclusion.

How high functioning is your team?

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