A time of new beginnings and fresh starts, a time when new growth leads to new life. 

Is your nonprofit or church ready for a fresh start? Are you searching for resources that will help increase and grow your impact?

Here is the reality...

Your nonprofit or church can position itself to reach more people and change more lives simply by answering 5 questions of clarity. 
1. What are we doing? Mission 
2. Why are we doing it? Values 
3. How are we doing it? Strategy 
4. When are we successful? Measurement 
5. Where are we going? Vision 

Why are these questions so important? I'm glad you asked. Answering these 5 questions is foundational for everything that drives your organization. 
Are you looking for more people to fund your efforts? 
Do you want more people to catch the vision and support your cause? 
Are you starting a new program or initiative? 
Are you looking to hire or expand? 
Have you been evaluating your programs for effectiveness and impact? 
Are you trying to launch or update your online presence with a website or social media? 

If you have not spent the time intentionality answering the 5 questions of clarity then you will not be able to answer the questions above. 

If you are ready for a fresh start Light the City can help!

We offer coaching and consulting that helps you answer these questions and increase your impact. We are also excited to share with you a new initiative built specifically for small to medium size nonprofits who want to increase their impact.

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